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What is Web Development Course

Web development is the process of creating and maintaining websites and web applications for the internet. It involves a combination of programming, design, and user experience to create functional and visually appealing websites that meet the needs of users.

A web development course typically covers the basic building blocks of web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML provides the structure and content of web pages, while CSS is used to style and format them. JavaScript allows developers to add interactive features to websites, such as forms and dynamic content.

Beyond the basics, a web development course will delve into more advanced topics such as server-side programming, databases, and web frameworks. Server-side programming involves creating programs that run on the server and interact with client-side code to provide dynamic content and data storage. Databases are used to store and organize data used by web applications, and web frameworks provide a structure for building and deploying web applications.

In addition to technical skills, a web development course will also cover design principles and user experience. Design principles cover topics such as color theory, typography, and layout, while user experience focuses on creating websites that are easy to use and navigate.

Overall, a web development course provides a thorough introduction to the field of web development, equipping students with the skills they need to pursue a career in the industry or create their own websites and web applications.

Who Can Join Web Development Course

Web development is a versatile field that offers opportunities for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or someone who is looking to start a new career, a web development course can help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in web development can enroll in web development courses as part of their undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs. These courses provide a strong foundation in web development concepts and technologies and can help students build a portfolio of projects to showcase their skills to potential employers.

Working professionals who are looking to expand their skill set or switch careers can also benefit from web development courses. Many web development courses are available online, making it easy for professionals to learn at their own pace while still working full-time. By acquiring new skills in web development, professionals can increase their value in the job market and open up new career opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can also benefit from web development courses. By learning how to create and maintain their own websites and web applications, they can save money on outsourcing web development work and have greater control over their online presence.

Overall, web development courses are accessible to anyone who is interested in learning about web development. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or a business owner, a web development course can help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the digital age.

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Student Reviews

Harsimar Singh

Best Institute to learn Digital Marketing. I Learned DM Course from Gyan Vigyan And Got An Paid Internship. Thanks To Gyan Vigyan and Specially Manoj Sir And Vipin Sir For Their Proper Guidence.

Harsimar Singh

Digital Marketing
Bhanvi Sonkar

Gyan Vigyan is the best computer education institute and their teachers are very helpful and best

Bhanvi Sonkar

Digital Marketing

    Web Development Course Content

    Module-1 ( HTML )

    =>Getting started with HTML
    =>Design and layout techniques
    =>Cascading Stylesheets
    =>Creating HTML emails

    Module-2 ( CSS )

    =>Introduction of CSS
    =>Internal CSS
    =>External CSS
    =>Background Properties
    =>Height & Width
    =>Border Properties
    =>ID & CLASS
    =>Text Formatting
    =>Margin Properties
    =>Font & display properties
    =>Anchor Tag Properties
    =>List Style Property
    =>Position Property
    =>Float Property
    =>Overflow Property
    =>Tool Tip Text Property
    =>Inline Gradient Property

    Module-3 ( Bootstrap )

    =>Introduction to Bootstrap
    =>Bootstrap Grid
    =>Bootstrap Components

    Module-4 ( JavaScript ) Part 1

    =>HTML Tags In JS
    =>Data Types
    =>Arithmetic Operators
    =>Assignment Operators
    =>Comparision Operators
    =>If Statement
    =>Logical Operators
    =>If else if Statement
    =>Conditional Operator
    =>Switch Statement
    =>Alert Box
    =>Confirm Box
    =>Prompt Box
    =>Functions, Functions with Parameter & Functions with Return Value
    =>Global & Local Variables
    =>Do/While Loop
    =>For Loop
    =>Break & Continue Statement
    =>Even/ Odd Number with Loop
    =>Arrays & Arrays (II)

    Module ( JavaScript ) Part 2

    =>DOM Introduction
    =>Targeting Methods
    =>Get & Set Methods
    =>querySelector() & querySelectorAll()
    =>Css Styling Method
    =>Add Event Listener
    =>Class list() Methods
    =>Traversal Methods
    =>Append Methods
    =>Insert Adjacent Methods
    =>Replace Child & Remove Child
    =>Clone Node
    =>hasAttribute() & hasChildNode()
    =>Form Events
    =>Set Interval & Clear Interval
    =>Set Timeout & Clear Timeout

    Module-5 ( jQuery )

    =>HTML Manipulation

    Module-6 ( PHP )

    =>Introduction to PHP
    =>Decisions and loop
    =>Handling Html Form with Php
    =>Working with file and Directories
    =>Session and Cookie
    =>Database Connectivity with MySql
    =>Exception Handling

    Module-7 ( SQL )

    =>Introduction to SQL
    =>Introduction to SQL Server
    =>SQL Server Management Studio
    =>Database Modelling
    =>SQL Constraints
    =>AND & OR Operators
    =>SELECT TOP Clause

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