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Graphic design is a creative process, used to convey a message through visual communication and presentation. The Graphic designing course is also referred to as Communication Design or DTP.

Graphic Designing Course in Moti Nagar, Delhi


    4 MONTHS


    80 HOURS





ग्राफिक डिजाइनिंग कोर्स क्या है?

What is Graphic Designing Course?

Graphic design is a creative process, used to convey a message through visual communication and presentation. The Graphic designing course is also referred to as Communication Design or DTP. A graphic designer may use a variety of typography combinations, visual arts and page layout techniques to build a great design. However, our brain is the most important design tool. Along with technology, a creative mind booming with unique ideas, good judgment, observations, quantitative and analytic thinking are required for creative design layouts and rendering. New ideas comes by way of experimenting with tools and methods. For example, a newspaper story begins with a journalists and a photographer and then it becomes the graphic designer's job to organize the page in an attractive layout. Hence, Graphic designers should be able to work in a variety of environments.

कोरल ड्रा डिजाइनिंग कोर्स.

Corel Draw Designing Course.

Corel DRAW is an effective vector graphics software editor for graphic designers. In this Corel DRAW course, you will discover & come to know the standard methods and abilities that will provide an modern training in editing graphics with Corel DRAW. Corel DRAW classes with Training n Development provides the General details of Corel DRAW with hands-on experience, familiarize delegates with the ideas and operations. This software is a robust graphics suite, having different interactive features for users to edit and create new graphics. These features include contrast adjustment, color combination, adding attractive effects like borders to images, and it is also capable of working with multiple layers and multiple pages.


Objectives of Corel Draw Training

Pamphlet Designing, Business Card Designing, Logo Designing


एडोब फोटोशॉप डिजाइनिंग कोर्स है?

Adobe Photoshop Designing Course in Moti Nagar, Delhi.?

Photoshop is the best image editing software for graphic and website designers. Photoshop and Graphic Designing DTP courses give the advance knowledge of photo editing and enhancement plus deep conceptual based knowledge of image formats and image resolution. In our Photoshop course, the examples have been composed for all the Photoshop versions including new features of the latest versions too. Our Photoshop training institute provides the knowledge of all the menu panel, control options, retouching, photo-retouching, layers, mask making, channel work, actions, cut-outs, Adobe Bridge file management, history, filters, gradients, shapes, text, path, layer panel handling and many more.


Objectives of Photoshop Designing Course in Delhi

Web Designer, Online Banner Designer, Image Editing, Template, Ads, Newsletter, Banner & GIF Creations

एडोब इलस्ट्रेटर डिजाइनिंग कोर्स

Adobe illustrator Designing Course in Moti Nagar, Delhi.

Adobe Illustrator is the most prominent and user friendly vector software. Illustrator is likewise made use of to produce banners, CD labels, sales brochures, company cards, letterheads, envelopes and Webs etc. Illustrator can be utilized for doing almost anything outside of photo images & you can learn all the things with the Training in Development's Illustrator Training classes.


Objectives of Adobe Illustrator Designing Course

Logo Designer, Page Designer, Banner Designer


एडोब इन-डिजाइन ट्रेनिंग कोर्स

Adobe Indesign Training Course in Delhi.

Our training course covers the use of Adobe InDesign for desktop and electronic publishing, including operations typical in producing some good magazines, newspapers, newsletters, catalogues, booklets, brochures, reports, fliers and other similar publications. At Training n Development Classes, we build your Adobe InDesign expertise from the ground level in all the essential features of the software with the help of practical sessions, real-world illustrations and cover many indispensable design techniques. Our Adobe-accredited and industry-experienced instructors will make you sure to learn the essential skills that you will need in designing for print to producing rich interactive documents for computers, tablets and smartphones.


Objective of Adobe InDesign Training Course

InDesign Designer, Poster Designing, Journal Designing

InDesign Tools, Converting a QuarkXPress or PageMaker File in InDesign, Graphics in InDesign


Eligibility For Graphic Designing Course in Moti Nagar, Delhi.

Anybody can join this graphic designing course, who can think creativaly, No prior knowledge required of Graphic designing course.

What you will be learn in this Graphic Designing Course in Moti Nagar, Delhi -

  • Vector/ Bitmap Graphics
  • Colour Schemes
  • File Formats
  • Design for Web/ Print
  • Logo/ Magazine/ Catalog

  • Introduction of Coreldraw
  • Basic Shapes with Properties
  • Shape Tool with Properties
  • Crop Eraser Knife Virtual Segment with properties
  • Drawing Curve Flyout- Freehand, Pen, Bezier, 3 Point curve with properties.
  • Artistic Media Brush Tool With Properties
  • Text Tool & Table Tool with Properties
  • Shadow Contour Blend Envelope Distort Extrude
  • Dimension Tool, Attribute Eyedropper with Properties
  • Mesh fill & Interactive tool with Properties
  • All Menu Options

  • Introduction of photoshop
  • Interface of Photoshop - Using Move Tool
  • Use of Selection Tool and options
  • Use of Selection with Refine Edge
  • Crop & Linking Image with Slice Tool
  • Eyedropper Color Sampler Ruler Count Tool with options
  • Brush Tool with Brush Presets
  • Healing Brush Patch Red Eye tool with options
  • Retouching on Image with Clone Tool & Pattern
  • Use of Text Tool with masking
  • Fire Effect on Text & Image
  • Basic Shapes Tool with Options
  • Collage Effect using Shape
  • Pen Tool Use - Make Selection/ Mask & Shape
  • Create GIF Using Frame Animation
  • Gif Ad using Video Timeline
  • All Menu Options

  • Introduction of adobe illustrator
  • Interface of Illustrator Rectangle & Ellipse Tool
  • Direct Selection, Group Selection Lasso & Magic Wand & Pen tool
  • Type Tool, Areatype, Type on Path with Options
  • Basic Shape Tool Blob Brush Tool & Brush Libraries
  • Pencil Smooth Path Eraser / Scale Skew Rotate Reflect Reshape etc
  • Shape Builder,Live Paint, Live Paint Selection Perspective Grid Tool
  • Mesh, Gradient, eyedropper, blend Tool
  • Symbol Tool Using Symbol Libraries
  • Graph, Artboard, Zoom & Hand Tools
  • All menu options

  • Introduction of Adobe In-Design
  • Interface of in-Design
  • Toolbar Views in InDesign
  • Overview of Tools in InDesign
  • Creating New Documents in InDesign
  • Creating Presets
  • Customize Menus in InDesign
  • Saving Workspaces
  • Preferences in InDesign
  • Defining and Changing Preferences
  • Trashing Preferences
  • Grids and Guides in InDesign
  • Control Panel in InDesign
  • Working with Panels in InDesign
  • Navigating your document in InDesign
  • Specifying Frame Content in InDesign
  • Tables in InDesign
  • Strokes and Fills in InDesign
  • Effects, Transforming Objects & Transparency

How to Apply

  • Admission Form: form duly filled and signed ( available at admission Counter )
  • Qualification Proof: Self attested photocopy of last qualifying Mark Sheet
  • Photo: Two latest passport size color photographs
  • ID proof: Self attested photocopy of Photo ID proof.( Adhaar/ Passport any one)
  • Fee Submission: Fees can be paid through Cash or Online Transfer
  • EMIs: Fee can be paid in Monthly EMI

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